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Tim Strazar

• Master Carpenter

• Architectural Designer

• Consulting and General Construction 

About Strazar Design


What We Do

Our past projects include both new construction and repairs/restorations. Our carpentry services range from the simplest repairs to full scale building. We enjoy constructing small outbuildings from woodsheds to rustic cabins. We also offer architectural design services on every scale and can plan, manage, and build multi-phase jobs. 


Working Together

The essence of my approach to architectural design, carpentry and building includes: 

  • Creative collaboration with clients by respecting and utilizing their tastes, styles, and needs.  
  • Adaptation to existing structures by incorporating and/or expanding elemental design features. 
  • Translating concepts, images, and client's needs into architectural themes. 
  • Transformation of wish lists into dream spaces. 
  • Use of color and texture is intrinsic to my designs.


Why Choose Us?

While details are critical, my approach is oriented to the creation of functional, inviting, comfortable, and harmonious space.

Influences: Impressionism, the organicity and harmony of nature, union of function and form, simplicity and sensuality. I work with American design elements from Primitive to Arts and Crafts and Contemporary.  I also incorporate old world charm and contemporary European style.

I appreciate the stress and disruption that the construction process creates in the lives of my clients. As a result, I employ organization, humor, and patience to minimize their impact.

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Gervais Deck


Tim Strazar of Strazar Design took our basic "rebuild a deck" project and turned it into the creation of a poolside oasis. We wanted to rebuild our deck to incorporate a new pool and Tim took our basic ideas and designed and built a beautiful new deck with the feel of a poolside retreat at a country inn.  

Tim builds with quality, but more than that he builds with an eye for design. It is the little things that turn a basic project into perfection that can be enjoyed for years, and Tim understands the little details! 

His years of experience and wonderful relationships with his suppliers translate into savings of both time and money and better quality materials, which results in a better project outcome for the customer. We look forward to our next project with Tim! 

Diane Gervais

Curtiss Project


Tim Strazar added three extensions to our home: a dining area off the kitchen, the library, and a master bathroom. 

What makes Tim unique (and incredibly valuable) is that he carries the entire project, from the homeowner's needs/wishes to design to construction, to completion. He is equally adept with a drawing pencil as he is with a saw and nail gun. In a word, there is nothing he can't do.

One other quality that sets Tim above other designers/builders is his absolute reliability. When he establishes a completion date, you can rest assured that the job will be finished by that day.

For us Tim began by designing and building our dining room/sunroom while doing a complete remodel of the kitchen. There can be no greater testament to his talent that when it came time to do the library extension and bathroom we didn't get any other quote. He is a master craftsman.

Clayton Curtiss

Cubelli Home


We have worked with Tim Strazar  over the past 14 years. During that time Tim has completed three major projects and several smaller projects in our homes. In 1997 Tim remodeled our home in Milford, Ct  from the foundation up. The roof was removed, walls torn down and kitchen and baths gutted and rebuilt. In 1998 Tim refurbished our downstairs playroom installing heat, replacing walls, floor and ceiling. In 2006 we set out to build our "dream house".  We found a three-acre lot in Eastern Connecticut and asked Tim to design  and build our new home.  

One need only look at the pictures of our home to ascertain the wisdom of our decision. Several of our neighbors have commented that they would like to switch houses with us.

Tim is a throwback to a time when master craftsmen actually took pride in their work. He is not satisfied until every aspect of a project meets his high standards. He is punctual,  always returns calls promptly, delivers on his promises, and stands behind his work. We would not attempt a home remodeling project without consulting Tim Strazar. 

Al and Kate Cubell

Jacobs Addition


Tim Strazar has done two additions for us. One was turning a small den into a large master bedroom and bathroom suite.  The other was adding on a three-season porch. Tim's design work is artful and his craftsmanship is of the highest quality.

He works very well with the client.  We were always kept up-to-date with what was happening and never experienced any hidden costs.  The jobs finished on time and were within budget. 

He is fastidious and a pleasure to work with.

Willa Jacob

Finneran Remodel


This was a single use small bedroom before Tim Strazar's genius turned it into a multi-purpose, contemporary showcase.  His workmanship and talent created a space that one could spend hours in and not get bored.  His window design took advantage of the natural beauty of the surrounding forest.  

The room with a gas fireplace for warmth in the winter and air conditioning for comfort in the summer is a year round delight. 

Janet Finneran

Additional Testimonials


Mary from Orange

Tim Strazar is a wonder. He is a visionary, guide, master craftsman. Whether involved in a small job or a major redo, he is wise, careful, and patient. Our house is a testament to his grand creativity as well as his attention to detail. We chose him because we had seen his work in a Milford home renovation and were in awe. Everyone said get three quotes and my husband and I said, "No. Whatever Tim comes in at, we want him." Every sub he employs is also perfect, maybe inheriting some of his genes. Only warning: he loves the color sage. 

Kathy from Stony Creek

Hiring Tim Strazar to help me with a project to build a wall-anchored desk with no legs and a sewing table on wheels, was the second best decision I made.  The first was purchasing a home from him that he renovated.  His sense of design, space and color is excellent.  He is meticulous, listens well and is open to discussing best ways to accomplish the goal.  He follows through on getting answers to questions and communicates well. I would hire him again.

Lisa from East Haven

I own an old home and have been under intense renovations and remolding for some years now. I have finally had the good fortune and pleasures to meet Tim, and have him do work on my home.

Over the years I've had contractors and carpenters and consultation with designers, but Tim garners the skills of both professions. When discussing his first project with me he asked me what my main priority was, fashion or function, I said both of course. He's honest, reliable and trustworthy. He takes your ideas and fashions them into a design in keeping with the style of the house, and while being cost effective, executes it in a timely manner, and for anyone who owns an old house where nothing is square and everything has to be custom made you know that this is no small feat. Whether renovating an existing structure or gutting and updating an entire room it will look like it was always meant to be. 

If you're tired of going two steps back with each new project and are looking for your own personal carpenter who will learn your house, your style, and pace projects and their stopping points according to your budget, Tim's a keeper ...and quite a character I might add.